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֬ ڬ٬Ӭ֬߬Ѭ ڬެ UGG ֬߬ ݬ߬ ݬڬ. ڬ۬ܬ ֬լ֬Ѭڬ Ҭ֬߬ ٬ѬӬ֬ӬѬ ڬ߬֬֬ ܬѬ ެݬլ Ѭ߬֬, Ѭ Ҭݬ֬ Ӭ٬Ѭ߬ ܬѬ֬Ԭڬ ݬլ֬. ߬Ԭڬ ߬ѬӬ ߬Ӭ ӬѬڬѬ߬ UGG, ܬ ެج߬ ߬Ѭ۬ ߬ ڬڬѬݬ߬ ֬ - լ֬ܬڬ ԬԬ ެ֬ .

australia-msk.ru լ߬ ܬݬѬڬ֬ܬڬ ԬԬ ߬ ݬܬ. ެج֬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ֬֬ Ѭ۬ ׬߬ UGG Classic լݬ ެجڬ լ֬Ӭ֬. ֬߬ ެ߬Ԭ ݬլ֬ ֬լڬѬ ߬ڬ ҬӬ ܬެѬ߬ڬ. ݬѬӬ߬Ѭ ڬڬ߬ ٬ڬެ ߬ԬѬ ֬߬ ֬ݬ. ݬ ӬѬ լ ٬ѬܬѬ٬ӬѬ Ӭ֬ ֬֬ Ѭ۬ ڬ߬֬߬֬-ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ߬, Ӭ ߬ ѬӬڬݬ߬ . ެج֬ լҬѬ ڬެѬڬ߬ ԬԬ, ܬ ӬԬݬլ ֬߬ ڬ۬߬ ܬѬڬӬ. ߬Ԭ ج֬߬ڬ Ѭ߬ܬ-֬֬ҬԬ, ߬֬ج Ӭ ݬҬ ߬ڬ ԬԬ.

ެ ݬ٬ լѬج լ֬߬, ܬ ڬݬ߬ ڬӬ֬֬լݬڬӬ ܬ ެ߬Ԭڬ ެެ֬߬Ѭ. ެج֬ ߬ ެ߬֬ӬѬ , UGG ֬߬ ݬ߬. ֬۬Ѭ ߬ Ѭ۬ Ѭ٬ެ֬֬߬ Ѭ٬߬ ӬѬڬѬ߬ ԬԬ Ѭ٬߬ Ӭ֬. Ѭ ެԬ ڬ۬ڬ լ Ѭ߬լѬ߬ ܬݬѬڬ֬ܬڬ ӬѬڬѬ߬, ڬݬ ެݬլ׬ج߬ ڬݬ߬ Ӭ֬ݬ. ڬ٬Ѭ۬ Ӭ֬ӬѬ ԬѬެެ ެجܬڬ ج֬߬ܬڬ ӬѬڬѬ߬ Ѭ٬߬Ѭ. ެج֬ լ֬ӬѬ ڬ լڬ ߬ ׬Ҭ ڬݬ ѬҬ. ֬߬ݬԬڬ EVA, ܬѬ ֬ ҬӬ Ҭ֬֬ڬӬѬ֬ լҬӬ լҬ.

ݬ Ӭ ֬լڬѬ֬ ڬԬڬ߬Ѭݬ߬ ެլ֬ݬ, ڬ Ҭ ѬܬѬ ԬӬ ֬߬Ѭ ߬ ڬ Ҭ֬ܬڬ. ֬ ӬѬ جڬլѬ֬ ܬݬѬݬ߬ Ѭڬެ֬߬ ҬӬ, Ԭլ ݬҬ ֬ݬӬ֬ ެج֬ ߬Ѭ۬ - լݬ ֬Ҭ. ڬԬڬ߬Ѭݬ߬ ެլ֬ݬ ԬԬ Ѭݬ ݬ߬ ߬ Ѭ լѬӬ߬. , ߬ ҬӬ Ҭ֬߬լ UGG ߬֬Ӭ֬߬ Ҭݬ. ӬѬݬڬ۬ܬ ҬӬ ֬جլ Ӭ֬Ԭ ٬ѬܬѬ٬ӬѬ ڬ-٬ ެѬ֬ڬѬݬ, ڬ ܬ ҬӬ ڬ٬ԬӬݬ֬߬. ެج֬ ߬ Ҭ֬ܬڬ, Ӭ Ӭ֬ ԬԬѬ ڬݬ٬֬ ߬ѬѬݬ߬Ѭ Ӭڬ߬. ެج֬ Ѭܬج ӬҬѬ ߬ѬѬݬ߬ ެ֬ ԬԬ, ڬݬ ڬ٬լ֬ݬڬ ڬ ܬج.


ݬ Ӭ ֬ެڬ֬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ԬԬ, լ֬ݬѬ ެج߬ ֬֬ Ѭ۬. ѬӬܬ ݬѬ ڬ٬Ӭլڬ ެެ֬߬Ѭݬ߬. ugg australia Ѭ٬ެ֬֬߬ Ӭ լ߬Ѭ ڬ߬ެѬڬ ֬ܬӬڬ٬ڬ ݬѬ. ݬ ӬѬ ڬ߬֬֬֬ ݬҬ Ӭ, ٬ѬլѬ ֬Ԭ Ӭ ެج֬ ܬ߬ݬѬ߬ ֬ݬ֬߬ +74957489547.

ެج֬ Ѭܬج ڬ֬Ѭ ٬ѬҬѬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ߬߬ ӬѬ ެ ڬ߬֬߬֬-ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ߬ Ѭլ֬ . ܬӬ, ֬ܬ ެڬ, . 102, .1. ߬Ѭ լ߬ ߬֬Ӭ֬߬ ެ߬Ԭ ެجڬ ֬լڬѬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬ӬѬ լѬӬܬ ߬ լ. ֬ܬѬ ݬجҬ ڬ߬֬߬֬-ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ߬ Ѭ٬Ӭ٬ڬ Ӭ ԬԬ ֬ѬڬӬ߬.
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Ѭڬ߬Ѭ ߬Ҭ ެ֬ Ӭ ެ߬Ԭڬ ֬Ԭڬ߬Ѭ ڬ۬ܬ ֬լ֬Ѭڬ Ѭ߬Ӭڬ ߬֬Ӭ֬߬ ݬլ߬. ֬ެ֬Ѭ ڬ߬Ԭլ ѬլѬ֬ ߬Ѭܬݬܬ ߬֬٬Ѭެ֬߬, ެج߬ ٬ѬҬݬ֬. Ѭ ѬӬڬݬ, Ҭ ߬ Ҭݬ֬, ӬѬج߬ Ҭ ߬Ԭ Ҭݬ ֬ݬ. ݬ Ԭ, ݬ Ӭ֬Ԭ, ߬ڬ ҬӬ. լ߬ ڬ ݬ߬ Ӭڬլ ҬӬ ֬۬Ѭ Ӭݬ֬ ҬӬ UGG.

ܬެѬ߬ڬ ٬ѬӬ֬ӬѬݬ ڬ߬֬֬ ެ߬Ԭڬ ެجڬ Ӭ֬ެ ެڬ. ڬ ԬԬ ߬ ߬Ҭ ֬ӬѬݬ. uggs-russia.ru Ӭ ެج֬ ܬڬ ڬڬѬݬ߬ ԬԬ. ֬۬Ѭ ߬ ֬ ugg Ѭ٬ެ֬֬߬ ެجܬڬ, ج֬߬ܬڬ լ֬ܬڬ ެլ֬ݬ. ֬߬ Ӭ֬ҬӬѬ߬ ԬԬ ެݬլ׬ج, ܬ ѬӬ Ѭܬڬ. Ѭ۬ Ѭܬج ֬ ެ߬Ԭ ӬѬ ܬڬլܬ. ެج֬ ӬҬѬ լݬ ֬Ҭ ԬԬ ߬ Ӭڬ߬. ݬ լݬ ӬѬ ӬѬج֬ լڬ٬Ѭ۬ ҬӬ, ڬ ҬѬڬ ڬ߬֬֬ ߬ ӬѬڬѬ߬ լڬ٬Ѭ۬߬֬. ֬լ ѬѬ߬֬߬߬ ڬ ެ֬ڬ ެڬ߬ ԬԬ. ߬ ֬߬ ݬ߬ ج֬߬ܬԬ ݬ Ӭ٬Ѭ 18 լ 25 ݬ֬. ݬ ӬѬ լ ܬݬѬڬ֬ܬѬ ҬӬ, Ӭ ެج֬ ߬Ѭ۬ լҬѬ լݬ ֬Ҭ Ѭ٬ݬڬ߬ Ӭڬլ ҬӬ ڬ ٬Ѭެ.

߬Ѭ Ӭ֬ެ ެ߬Ԭ ެݬլ լܬ Ѭܬج ֬լڬѬ լ֬ӬѬ ҬӬ UGG. ҬӬ ֬߬ ܬެ߬Ѭ ֬ Ӭ ެج֬ լ֬ӬѬ լجլ, ݬլ լѬج ߬֬. Ԭլ Ҭ֬٬ެ߬ ݬ߬ Ѭܬڬ ެլ֬ݬ, ܬѬ: UGG Tasman Dusk, MENS Classic Short Grey լԬڬ. ެج֬ ܬڬ ߬ѬѬݬ߬ ԬԬ ڬ ߬ڬ٬ܬڬ ֬߬Ѭ. Ѭݬ Ѭ Ӭլ Ѭܬڬ ҬӬѬ ѬլѬج. ެج֬ ٬ѬҬѬ ٬ѬܬѬ Ѭլ֬ . ܬӬ, . ѬҬѬӬܬѬ, լ 15, ڬݬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ լѬӬܬ ֬ݬ֬߬ +7(495)748-75-05. ֬Ԭլ߬ ֬߬ ެ߬Ԭ ԬԬ ܬެ߬ ڬݬ߬, ܬ Ӭ ެج֬ ߬ڬ ֬ج֬լ߬֬Ӭ߬.

ugg ڬڬѬݬ߬ Ѭ۬ ެܬӬ Ӭ ެج֬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ԬԬ ڬ߬լڬӬڬլѬݬ߬ ڬݬ ݬѬڬ ڬ ֬֬ ݬѬ֬ج߬ ڬ֬ެ WebMoney ڬݬ PayPal. ݬ ӬѬ ֬ ֬լӬ ߬ Visa ڬݬ MasterCard, ݬѬڬ ӬѬ Ӭ ެج֬ ެ ެݬڬӬѬݬ߬ ܬ֬լڬ߬ ܬѬ. ެج֬ ٬߬Ѭܬެڬ ߬Ѭڬެ֬߬ӬѬ߬ڬ֬ ԬԬ ߬ Ѭ۬. ެլ֬ݬ ֬߬ ڬݬ߬ ӬԬݬլ, ߬֬ܬ ݬլ ٬ѬܬѬ٬ӬѬ Ѭ٬ ߬֬ܬݬܬ Ѭ. ݬ ӬѬ ֬ ڬ߬֬֬ լ֬ݬѬ լѬ ެجڬ߬ ڬݬ լ֬Ӭܬ ߬ ԬլӬڬ߬, Ӭ ެج֬ ӬҬѬ ԬԬ ڬҬ֬ ڬ Ѭܬڬ.

ݬ ެ߬Ԭڬ լѬ ٬լѬ ԬԬ լӬެ ԬӬڬѬެ. ެج֬ ӬҬѬ ߬ Ѭ۬ Ѭ٬߬ ӬѬڬѬ߬ ҬӬ. ݬ ӬѬ ߬ѬӬ ֬ ެլ֬ݬ ڬݬ Ӭ֬ݬ, Ӭ ެج֬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ڬ ֬֬ Ѭ. Ѭܬج ڬ լ֬ܬ߬, ߬ ڬڬѬݬ߬ Ѭݬ UGG Ӭ ެج֬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ҬӬ Ѭ٬߬ Ѭ٬ެ֬. ݬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬ Ԭ Ӭ ެج֬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ լѬӬܬ ݬҬެ լҬ߬ެ լݬ ӬѬ Ѭլ֬. Ѭ٬߬ ӬѬ Ѭڬ߬Ѭݬ߬ ҬѬѬ technical support.
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ݬ ڬݬ Ӭ֬ެ ܬ ܬ Ҭڬ٬߬֬, ڬ Ѭլڬ֬ݬ߬ ӬҬѬ ߬ѬѬӬݬ֬߬ڬ. Ҭڬ٬߬֬ Ҭ֬٬ެ߬ ӬѬج֬ ѬҬڬݬ߬ լ. ݬ ڬ߬ڬ ӬѬݬ Ҭլ֬ ѬҬڬݬ߬, ӬѬ Ҭڬ٬߬֬ Ҭլ֬ ڬ߬ڬ ӬѬ լӬݬӬڬ. 18ps.ru Ӭ ެج֬ ެ֬, ܬѬܬѬ ҬӬѬ֬ ѬӬެѬڬ٬ڬӬѬ߬߬Ѭ ݬڬ߬ڬ լݬ ڬ٬ӬլӬ ݬڬެ֬ ֬Ѭ߬ ڬ٬լ֬ݬڬ. ֬Ԭլ߬ ݬڬެ֬ ֬Ѭ߬ ڬ٬լ֬ݬڬ ެѬܬڬެѬݬ߬ ݬ߬ ݬ٬ Ӭ ެ߬Ԭڬ ֬ܬѬ.

ެѬ߬ڬ ݬڬެ֬18 ٬Ѭ߬ڬެѬ֬ ܬެ٬ڬ߬ ެѬ֬ڬѬݬѬެ, ެ֬߬֬լج֬ Ѭ٬ҬڬѬ ެѬ֬ڬѬݬѬ Ҭ֬٬֬߬. ެج֬ ٬߬Ѭ, Ѭܬ ѬԬݬެ֬Ѭ լݬ ݬڬڬݬ֬߬ ٬Ѭ֬ ӬѬج֬. ج߬ ެ֬ڬ, ѬԬݬެ֬Ѭ լݬ ݬ֬߬߬ Ӭ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ֬Ѭݬ߬ ֬߬ ܬ ֬߬. Ѭ Ѭܬج ެج֬ ٬Ѭڬ߬ڬԬӬѬ Ҭڬ٬߬֬ ڬݬڬ٬Ѭڬ ݬڬެ֬ ֬Ѭ߬ ڬ٬լ֬ݬڬ. Ҭ Ӭ֬ ެެ֬߬Ѭ ӬѬ ެԬ ܬ߬ݬڬӬѬ ܬ߬ݬѬ߬ ֬լڬڬ. ެج֬ Ӭ٬Ѭ ߬ڬެ ֬ݬ֬߬ +7(3412)540-004, ߬ ӬѬ լܬѬج ڬݬ Ӭ֬ ӬҬ.

ެج֬ Ӭ٬ ԬѬ߬ݬ Ѭ֬߬լ. լܬڬ ֬߬ Ҭ֬٬Ѭ߬Ѭ, Ӭ ެج֬ Ѭܬج ެ֬ ݬڬެ֬ ֬Ѭ߬Ѭ ֬֬ڬ ҬլӬѬ߬ڬ ֬ڬڬܬѬ ߬ ݬҬ ӬѬ. ެѬ߬ڬ ߬Ѭլڬ Ѭլ֬ . ج֬Ӭ, . ݬҬ߬Ѭ, 24, ܬլ Ӭ ެج֬ ڬ֬Ѭ ݬҬ լҬ߬ լݬ ӬѬ Ӭ֬ެ. ڬެ Ѭܬج Ӭ߬֬լ֬ ߬ ߬ ڬ߬ެѬڬ߬߬ ֬߬ݬԬڬ, ܬ ߬Ѭ֬߬ ߬Ѭլ׬ج߬ެ ܬݬѬѬڬ߬߬ެ Ӭ۬ӬѬެ.

18ps.ru Ӭ ެج֬ ٬߬Ѭܬެڬ ڬ߬ެѬڬ֬ , ެѬ֬ڬѬݬ ܬѬܬ ߬ެ֬߬ܬݬѬ ܬ լ۬լ ֬լ֬ݬ֬߬߬ ߬ڬ. ެ֬ڬ, լܬڬ ڬެ Ѭڬ߬Ѭݬ߬ ڬݬ٬ӬѬ ڬ֬ݬ߬ ֬ܬ, ֬ݬܬ ٬۬Ӭ, Ԭ߬լҬӬѬ֬ ެݬ֬߬߬, Ѭܬج ݬ֬ܬ֬. ߬Ѭ լ߬ ߬֬Ӭ֬߬ ެ߬Ԭ ԬѬ߬ڬ٬Ѭڬ ߬ ٬߬Ѭ, Ԭլ Ҭլ ݬڬެ֬֬Ѭ߬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ. ݬ ӬѬ ߬֬Ҭլڬެ ҬݬѬԬլڬ ֬ڬڬ, Ҭլ ݬڬެ֬߬ ܬ Ӭ. լ֬ݬ߬ ެ֬ڬ, ҬѬܬ ܬެ٬ڬ߬Ѭ ߬ լ۬լ׬ լݬ ݬҬԬ Ѭ߬Ԭ ֬ܬ.

ݬ Ӭ ֬ڬݬ Ѭڬ Ӭ ֬լڬڬ, ӬѬ ӬѬج߬ ڬ٬ެڬ߬ܬ. լ߬ڬ ڬ ֬ܬѬ߬ ӬѬڬѬ߬ Ҭլ֬ ٬լѬ߬ڬ լج߬ ԬѬ߬ڬڬ֬ݬ֬ ڬ ݬѬڬܬ. ߬ѬѬӬݬ֬߬ڬ ֬Ѭݬ߬ ֬֬ܬڬӬ߬, լج߬ ԬѬ߬ڬڬ֬ݬ ڬ ݬѬڬܬ ߬Ӭ߬ ֬߬լ. ެج֬ ҬѬ Ѭ֬߬լ ֬լ֬ݬ֬߬߬ ҬլӬѬ߬ڬ, Ӭ֬լ ڬެ֬߬߬ ެ ߬֬Ԭ Ӭ ެج֬ ٬լѬ ܬެѬܬ߬ ݬӬڬ լݬ ܬެ߬Ԭ Ӭ֬լ֬߬ڬ Ҭڬ٬߬֬.

Ѭ, ٬ѬӬ ֬֬ѬҬܬ ѬӬެҬڬݬ߬ ڬ ֬߬ ܬѬ ֬, ܬ ݬܬ ߬Ѭڬ߬Ѭ֬. Ѭܬج ެج֬ ҬѬڬ ֬-ݬجҬ ԬѬ߬ڬ٬Ѭڬ ݬҬ ӬѬ, ܬ߬ݬѬ߬ Ѭ٬ լѬլ ҬѬ߬ Ӭ٬, Ӭ Ҭլ֬ լӬݬ߬ Ӭ߬֬ ҬݬجڬӬѬ߬ڬ.
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߬Ѭ լ߬ Ҭݬ ܬݬڬ֬Ӭ ެجڬ ҬѬѬ լܬѬ: ֬Ѭ֬ӬѬ, ߬֬ӬѬݬԬѬ, ߬ܬݬԬѬ, ߬֬ӬݬԬѬ. ֬٬ެ߬ ެ߬Ԭ ެݬլ ݬլ֬ ֬լڬѬ ֬Ԭլ߬ ݬ֬ڬ լܬ, ܬ ֬ Ѭܬڬ֬ܬڬ . ݬ ӬѬ ߬ج֬ ߬լܬڬ߬ݬ, ߬ Ӭ ߬ ٬߬Ѭ֬, ܬլ ҬѬڬ, ݬ ҬѬѬ ެ֬լڬڬ߬ܬڬ ֬߬ ڬ߬ڬ ڬ٬߬.

ެ֬լڬڬ߬ܬ ֬߬ Ӭ ެج֬ ۬ ݬ߬ Ҭݬ֬լӬѬ߬ڬ ܬѬҬڬ߬֬ ݬԬ֬լ . ݬ ӬѬ ֬Ӭ ߬ڬ֬ܬڬ ٬ѬҬݬ֬ӬѬ߬ڬ, Ӭ ެج֬ ܬ߬ݬڬӬѬ ѬݬѬ߬ݬڬӬ ֬ڬѬݬڬ. ݬ ӬѬ ߬Ѭլ Ҭլ֬ Ӭ֬ ڬݬ֬լӬѬ߬ڬ, ߬ lifeline18.ru Ӭ ެج֬ լ֬Ѭݬ߬ ٬߬Ѭܬެڬ Ӭ֬ެ ӬڬլѬެ ڬݬ֬լӬѬ߬ڬ. ֬Ԭլ߬ ެ߬Ԭڬ ߬Ѭլ լ֬ݬѬ ٬, լ߬Ѭܬ ڬӬڬլ߬Ѭ ج֬ݬ֬٬ ٬ լԬ. ݬ Ӭ ߬ ج֬ݬѬ֬ ֬֬ݬѬڬӬѬ, ҬѬѬ۬֬ ެ֬լڬڬ߬ܬ ܬݬڬ߬ڬܬ Ѭլ֬ . Ӭ٬߬Ѭ, 1, ڬ 2. ެج֬ Ѭܬج ݬڬ Ӭ֬լ֬߬ڬ ܬѬѬ֬ެ ѬڬѬ߬ڬ լܬ. ݬ ӬѬ ߬֬Ҭլڬެ Ӭ֬ ڬݬѬܬڬ֬ܬڬ ֬լ, Ӭ Ѭܬج ެج֬ ڬ֬Ѭ ެ֬լڬڬ߬ܬڬ ֬߬.

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Ѭ۬ ߬Ѭլ׬ج߬Ԭ ѬݬެݬԬ, ܬԬ ڬ ݬ֬ڬ ԬݬѬ٬ լ߬. ݬ ӬѬ ߬ج߬ ۬ ѬݬެݬԬڬ֬ܬ Ҭݬ֬լӬѬ߬ڬ, ӬѬ ݬ֬լ֬ ҬѬѬ Ѭլެڬ߬ڬѬѬ. ݬ ӬѬ Ӭ٬߬ڬܬݬ Ҭݬ֬ެ ԬݬѬ٬߬ Ҭݬܬ, ԬݬѬ٬ ߬ѬݬڬӬѬ ܬӬ, ӬѬ ߬Ѭլ ҬѬѬ ѬݬެݬԬ. Ѭ ҬӬѬ֬ Ѭ, ѬѬѬ լݬ ݬ֬֬߬ڬ ٬֬߬ڬ ֬߬ Ѭ, ڬ-٬ ֬Ԭ ݬ֬֬߬ڬ ެج֬ Ҭ ߬֬֬ܬڬӬ߬.

ݬ Ӭ ج֬ݬѬ֬ ߬Ѭ۬ ֬ڬѬݬڬ, ߬ exci.ru Ӭ ެج֬ ٬߬Ѭ Ӭ ߬Ѭ߬. Ѭ جڬլѬ֬ Ѭ߬ ڬ٬ڬ ڬ߬ެѬڬ ݬ߬ լ֬Ѭݬ. ެج֬ ެ֬ Ӭ֬լ֬߬ڬ ܬ ڬج֬Ӭ ڬڬѬݬ߬ ѬѬѬ լݬ ݬ֬֬߬ڬ ѬڬԬެѬڬ٬ެ. ݬ ӬѬ ֬ ԬݬѬ٬, Ѭݬެݬ ެج֬ ӬѬ ެ. ѬݬެݬԬڬ֬ܬ ܬݬڬ߬ڬܬ ج֬Ӭܬ ѬҬѬ Ѭެ ݬڬ ܬݬڬ. Ѭ ج֬Ӭ ڬ֬٬جѬ ݬլ ڬ լԬڬ ֬Ԭڬ߬ ߬ڬ Ӭ٬߬ڬܬѬ ݬج߬ ٬լӬ֬. ݬ Ӭ ѬѬ֬֬ Ԭ, ӬѬ ެج֬ Ҭ ѬڬԬެѬڬ٬, ӬѬ ߬Ѭլ Ҭݬ֬լӬѬ.

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ݬ ӬѬ ٬Ѭڬ߬֬֬ӬѬݬ ܬ ެجܬڬ ج֬߬ܬڬ ܬ, ӬѬ ڬ ҬѬڬ Ӭ߬ڬެѬ߬ڬ ߬ ݬ߬Ԭ ڬ٬Ӭլڬ֬ݬ ܬӬ Fila. ڬެ ج լѬӬ߬ Ѭݬ ݬ߬ ߬ Ѭެ֬ڬܬѬ߬ܬ ߬ܬ ֬Ӭ֬۬ܬ. ֬߬ ެ߬Ԭ ج֬߬ڬ ڬ Ѭ Ѭܬج ֬լڬѬ ߬ڬ ܬӬܬ FILA, Ѭ ܬѬ ߬ ֬߬ ܬ ܬެ߬.

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ެج֬ ڬҬ֬ ܬӬܬ ֬֬ ڬڬѬݬ߬ Ѭ۬, ٬ѬܬѬ٬ӬѬ ߬֬ܬݬܬ Ѭ Ӭ ެج֬ ڬݬڬ߬ ܬ߬ެڬ. ڬܬ߬ ڬ߬֬߬֬-ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ ߬Ѭլڬ Ѭլ֬ . ܬӬ, ֬ܬ ڬ, 127, ܬլ Ӭ ެج֬ ڬ֬Ѭ ѬҬڬ Ѭ. Ӭ֬ ڬ߬֬֬ڬ Ѭ ӬѬ, Ѭܬج ߬Ѭݬڬڬ ߬Ӭ ެլ֬ݬ֬, ٬ѬլѬӬѬ Ӭ Ӭ ެج߬ ֬ݬ֬߬ +7(495)532-35-45, Ԭլ ӬѬ Ѭլ߬ ֬լѬӬ Ӭ֬ ߬ Ӭ Ӭ ެ֬߬֬լج֬.
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լѬ߬߬ ެެ֬߬ ڬݬ߬ ܬ Ӭ ެج֬ լҬѬ ߬ ܬڬ ج֬߬ܬڬ ܬӬܬ լѬӬܬ Ԭլ ֬ Ҭݬ ܬݬڬ֬Ӭ ܬӬ ݬҬ Ѭ٬ެ֬ Ӭ֬. ߬֬߬֬-ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ ֬ լڬܬ߬߬, ެ ֬߬ ߬׬ ߬ڬ٬ܬڬ. Ѭ۬ ֬ ެ߬Ԭ ܬӬ լݬ Ѭ߬֬ ج֬߬ڬ. ߬Ѭ۬լ׬ ٬Ӭ ܬѬ֬ݬ֬, ܬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬ӬѬݬ Ѭ٬߬ ܬӬܬ Nike Puma.

ݬ ӬѬ ڬ߬֬֬֬ ܬѬܬѬ- ֬լ֬ݬ֬߬߬Ѭ ެլ֬ݬ, Ӭ ެج֬ լ֬ݬѬ ٬Ӭ߬ ֬ݬ֬߬ 8-(800)-111-22-33, Ԭլ ӬѬ Ӭ լܬѬج. ֬ լ߬ Ҭݬ ܬݬڬ֬Ӭ ܬӬ Ѭ٬߬ ެլ֬ݬ֬. ެج֬ ӬҬѬ ܬެѬ߬ڬ ܬ լݬ ڬݬ Ѭ߬լѬ߬ ެլ֬ݬ.

Ѭ۬ Ѭڬܬ ܬӬܬ ڬ߬֬߬֬ ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ ֬ Ӭ٬ެج߬ ܬڬ ܬ Ѭ٬߬ Ҭ֬߬լ. ެج֬ Ѭܬج ۬ ֬ԬڬѬڬ լѬ լҬ֬߬ڬ ߬ Ѭݬܬ. ݬѬԬլѬ ѬݬܬѬ Ӭ ެج֬ ٬߬ѬӬѬ լ߬ڬ ڬ ֬Ӭ Ӭ֬ Ѭܬڬ ֬.

ڬ Ҭ֬߬լӬ ج֬߬ܬڬ ܬӬܬ Cݬڬ

֬۬Ѭ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ڬԬڬ߬Ѭݬ߬ ܬ ߬ Ѭ ݬ֬Ԭܬ. ج߬ ֬Ѭ ֬߬, Ԭլ ֬߬ ߬֬Ӭ֬߬ ڬݬ߬ Ӭܬڬ. Ҭ ߬ ֬֬ݬѬڬӬѬ ڬެ֬߬߬ ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ߬Ѭ, ڬެ֬߬߬ ܬӬܬ ެج߬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬ӬѬ ֬֬ ڬ߬֬߬֬. ڬެ ֬߬ ެ߬Ԭ ܬ Ѭ٬߬ Ҭ֬߬լ. ݬ ӬѬ ٬Ѭڬ߬֬֬ӬѬݬ ֬լ֬ݬ֬߬߬Ѭ ެլ֬ݬ ڬ ߬Ӭ ܬݬݬ֬ܬڬ, ӬѬ ֬ ެԬ լҬѬ.

ݬ Ӭ ڬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ܬڬլܬ ެլ֬ݬ ڬ Ѭ ܬݬݬ֬ܬڬ, Ѭܬج ެج߬ լ֬ݬѬ. ܬެѬ߬ڬ ެެ֬߬Ѭݬ߬Ѭ լѬӬܬ. ݬ Ԭ, ܬѬ Ӭ ެڬ ٬ѬܬѬ, ӬѬެ Ѭ߬Ӭڬ Ӭ٬ ܬ߬ݬѬ߬ ߬ڬ Ѭլ֬ լѬӬܬ. Ѭլ Ӭլ֬ݬڬ, լѬӬܬ ݬڬ ڬլڬ լ֬߬ ٬ѬܬѬ٬.

ڬެ֬߬߬ ܬ Adidas New Balance Ѭ լ Ѭܬڬ. ѬܬѬ٬Ѭ ܬӬܬ Nike Ӭ ެج֬ ߬ Ѭ۬ ܬڬլܬ. ܬ-ܬѬܬڬ ެլ֬ݬ ܬڬլܬ ެج֬ լլڬ լ -50%. ݬ֬ ߬ ڬެ լܬѬ٬Ѭ ӬѬ ެԬ Ѭլެڬ߬ڬѬ ڬ߬֬߬֬-ެѬԬѬ٬ڬ߬. ݬ ӬѬ ߬ ߬ѬӬ ܬѬܬѬ- ܬ߬ܬ֬߬Ѭ ެլ֬ݬ ݬ լѬӬܬ, Ӭ ֬ ެج֬ Ѭܬج Ӭ֬߬. ٬ӬѬ ӬѬ լڬ ֬߬ Ҭ.

ݬѬ Ӭ ެج֬ Ӭ֬ ֬֬ Visa ڬݬ MasterCard. ج֬ݬѬ߬ڬ ެڬӬѬ ٬ѬܬѬ Ӭ ެج֬ ٬Ӭ߬ڬ ܬ߬Ѭܬ-֬߬ ڬݬ ֬֬ Ѭ۬, ֬֬۬լ ߬ Sneakers-Top.ru, Ԭլ ެݬ֬߬ڬ ӬѬ լڬ Ѭ٬ ج.
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ڬ֬ݬ ڬ, ѬӬڬ լ߬ ܬ߬ެڬ֬ܬ ڬѬڬ, Ѭ֬߬ܬ ֬ެ ֬ڬ ֬ ެ Ԭ ߬ ֬ݬ֬ӬԬ ҬѬ߬ܬӬܬԬ ܬ֬լڬ.

ڬ ܬ ֬߬ ެѬݬ ԬѬجլѬ ٬߬Ѭ֬ , լ֬ܬ Ѭ ެ֬߬ڬ Ӭ֬ެ֬߬߬ ެ֬ج ѬӬܬ ܬ ٬ѬӬ լ ݬ֬߬ڬ ܬ֬լڬ ߬ ܬѬܬ ެج߬ ڬݬ٬ӬѬ߬ڬ֬ ֬ڬѬݬڬ٬ڬӬѬ߬߬ ֬֬Ӭ ֬Ӭڬ, Ӭլ ֬ vseobankah.com.

٬լѬ֬ݬ Ԭ ֬ ٬߬Ѭݬ, Ѭܬ ߬ݬѬ۬ ެݬ֬߬ڬ ܬ֬լڬ ߬Ѭݬڬ߬ެ , ެ ٬Ѭݬ߬ڬ Ѭ߬ܬ֬ ݬ٬ӬѬ֬ݬ ߬ѬѬӬڬ ٬ѬӬܬ ҬѬ߬ܬӬܬڬ լ֬ݬ֬߬ڬ Ӭ֬Ԭ Ԭլ ߬ Ѭ۬ ެج߬ ٬ ߬֬ܬݬܬ ެڬ߬.

Ѭ۬ Ѭ Ѭ٬Ҭ֬׬ ӬӬ֬լ֬߬߬ ڬ߬ެѬڬ ֬լݬجڬ ӬѬ ӬԬլ߬ ӬѬڬѬ߬ ܬ֬լڬӬѬ߬ڬ.
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ڬӬ֬ Ӭ֬ ڬѬ֬ݬ լ֬ݬڬ ߬Ӭ ڬݬެ - http://mit.edu.gh/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=10179

֬Ԭ ܬܬ ڬѬ߬ڬ, ܬެ ߬ ڬ߬֬֬߬ ڬ :)

լڬ߬ܬѬ ެѬ Ӭ٬լ߬ Ӭ֬լ֬߬ڬ֬ ߬߬ լӬլڬ լ֬֬. ֬֬լ߬Ѭ Ӭլܬ ڬӬլڬ Ѭ֬ ج֬߬ڬ߬. Ѭ֬ լ֬ ڬլڬ Ѭެ֬ݬ߬ ڬլެӬѬ ެ֬߬ լݬ լ߬, ڬܬѬ լݬ߬ڬ֬ݬ߬ ٬ѬѬҬ. ѬլڬӬѬ Ѭ֬ܬݬѬ߬ڬ Ѭ֬ Ӭ ߬ѬܬڬӬڬ Ҭݬ֬, ڬ֬ Ҭ Ѭ٬֬ڬ ֬ެ֬۬߬ ڬ߬Ѭ߬Ӭ ܬڬ٬ڬ. ݬ լ ֬֬ҬѬ߬߬ ӬѬڬѬ߬ ֬۬լ Ѭ߬ ԬѬҬ ֬٬ Ѭլ Ҭ լҬ լ֬߬֬. ֬Ӭܬ ߬ ٬ѬլެӬѬ Ӭ٬ެج߬ ѬѬݬ߬ ݬ֬լӬڬ լҬ߬ ѬӬѬ߬, Ӭ֬լ Ѭݬ ߬ڬ֬ ٬Ѭެ֬ӬѬ֬ ٬լѬӬެݬڬ.
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